Movie Themed Birthday Parties

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One thing I’ve always been is a little over the top with my kids’ birthday parties. I always felt it was their special day and should be treated as such. The movie themed parties have usually been the easiest. We’ve managed to have a couple of really good ones by planning and being creative.

The first was the Willy Wonka Birthday Party.

Here's how we pulled it together.

We started out with invitations that read just like the Golden Ticket, you can Google it and copy it in Word.

We changed up the information to fit our needs and printed them on gold vellum paper.

We created “sleeves” to fit over a standard Hershey’s candy bar to hide the ticket.

Once the kids arrived they had to sign the contract that was hanging on the door and show their "Golden Ticket".

Bye bye birthday cake

It was decided we would forego the traditional cake and opted instead to borrow a friends chocolate fountain. We were trying to mimic the chocolate river and it worked out really well, albeit just a little messy. While I’m sure some of the parents were less than pleased with the “goodie” bags that came home, we sure had a fun time setting it all up!

The "Willy Wonka" style candy containers and party activities

We emptied out all the glass vessels (canisters, vases, even a fish bowl) I had and created a candy shop on the counter. The colors of all the different candies sparkled from inside all of the glass containers and the girls all loved it!

The games also mimicked the movie- bubble gum blowing contest, a burping contest and a TV quiz.

The second was from the movie called "Up"

The other memorable movie themed Birthday Party was from the movie “Up”. The invitations were handmade by punching ½” balloons, attached strings to them and then attaching to the card.

The decorating was simple, just a little time consuming. I rented a helium tank and began the task of blowing up roughly 200 balloons the morning of the party.

Balloons for the "Up" Movie Themed Birthday Party

I decided that we didn't really need anything more than that for décor and it also doubled up as a party favor as well! I turned my living room into a mini theater, complete with popcorn, candy and soda, I borrowed a friends DVD projector/screen and they watched the movie. We played just a few simple games- charades, musical chairs and a balloon popping game for prizes.

As a parting gift, each child took home a prize and a 10 balloon bouquet!  - Vickie

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